Real Estate Case Competition
& Networking Reception

Thursday, March 5, 2020
5:00 PM
330 Rockwell Center

If you would like to attend the competition and networking reception as a guest, please register HERE.

The competition is a case study analysis on a proposed Lafayette College project.
Teams (two to four students) will attend a six hour boot camp, be assigned a mentor to answer questions and present their recommendations to the “board of trustees.”

What will I learn?

Students will learn the basics of how to assess what something is worth. This foundational financially literacy will be invaluable for future personal and professional situations. You will use it to decide whether to rent or buy a house, or whether a business or stock is worth investing in.

Second students will get valuable practice presenting to industry leaders and convincing them that your team’s idea is the best. This is again something you will have to do often as a professional regardless of career track.

Finally students will have fun! The case will require work, but I am confident it will be one of the most valuable investments you make while on campus.

What will I win?

1st place – $1500
2nd place – $1000
3rd place – $500

Additionally there will be a networking reception afterwards where students can talk to industry professionals and secure internships on the spot. Practice your pitch and bring your resume!

How big can my team be?

Minimum of 2, maximum of 4

Do I need to be a certain major?

No! The case was designed to be accessible to any student who attends the boot camp on February 22, 2020 and applies his/her self.  There will also be a workshop reviewing terms and basic information on February 20, 2020.   We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply as each discipline will view the case from a slightly different perspective.