A proven and repeatable collaborative problem-solving framework, design thinking hinges on a few crucial steps.

Define a problem:You gather inspiration, discover what is needed, understand and empathize with the target audience, reframe the problem, and define scope.

Consider options: You incubate and then ideate, generating breakthrough ideas through experiments and exploration. Refine the direction: You make the ideas tangible by building prototypes and then make them again even better.

Deliver the best: You refine the best solution by deciding what is most feasible, desirable, and viable.

Scale: You develop and share the story, inspiring action in those around you.

The process is human-centered— innovation that begins with an understanding of customers’ or users’ unmet or unarticulated needs. The result is solution-focused—innovation that develops rapidly and uses a mix of logic, imagination, intuition, mechanical skills, and financial analysis. In essence, you take inspiration, add empathy and evaluation, and transform it through tools into something real.