While most students were snug in their beds back home over fall break, a handful were listening to a DJ while running in a circle doling out high-fives to a sales team.

It was the 9 a.m. huddle at Dun and Bradstreet, a data and insights company that helps improve business performance for its clients. A sales leader had the mic and moved through a G-rated Wolf of Wall Street pump-up speech that praised top sellers and call leaders from the day before.

This unconventional start to the day capped off a multi-day certificate course spearheaded by Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in partnership with Gateway Career Center. Students completed two on-campus lunch sessions, two online courses, the on-site visit, and then a reflection essay.

Dun and Bradstreet’s certificate program for business students and future entrepreneurs is built to test and validate foundation-level concepts and knowledge in small business management.

It was just what Sujan Dhakal ’21 was looking for. The soon-to-be tech entrepreneur from Pokhara, Nepal, learned the basics on how to manage a business.

“The lunch sessions taught me how to find financial support, analyze good suppliers, and attract customers,” he says. “It’s good to know some of what I will face as I narrow down my business venture.”

David Perron ’19 and Ryan Peslis ’19 agree.

Students at Dun & Bradstreet pose for a group picture.

“I’m glad when Lafayette takes the initiative to bring a business and finance option like this to us,” Peslis says. “It’s just another opportunity to learn more.”

Perron, co-president of Investment Club, was glad for the “opportunity to look inside a business like Dun and Bradstreet.”

While on-site, students rotated through various areas on the sales floor, talking with the team lead, completing a personality index, and listening in on sales calls.

Yusuf Dahl, Dyer Center director, was excited to expose the students to training in supply chain management, cash flow, and credit reports.

“This was a chance for our students to get an immersive experience into the world of small business and sales,” he says. “I was thrilled with our student participation and look forward to similar programming opportunities in the future.”