Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well during this challenging time. While the end of our semester took an unanticipated turn, I am incredibly proud of our students and community for creatively responding and imagining new possibilities with the constraints placed upon us.

Rather than fold our programming for the semester, we reimagined it and moved it online to increase community participation. Unwilling to just accept that students would lose internships over the summer and the valuable professional development opportunities they provide, we forged new partnerships to provide a robust data analytics summer program to students.

Covid-19 was both a challenge and validation for the work of the Dyer Center. While we have no idea when this crisis will subside, we can be certain that it will not be the last unanticipated disruption that foils our best-laid plans.

As all of us know, it is not planning and the prediction that makes successful entrepreneurs, but the creativity/flexibility to leverage the set of evolving means at our disposal to achieve new and different goals. Put simply we adapt to our environment and turn lemons into lemonade, or as an alum recently put it: “Lectures do not teach you how to become an entrepreneur, obstacles do”.

On that note, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer and encourage you to reach out and get involved if you share our passion for preparing our students to lead through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yusuf Dahl