The competition is a great place for students to foster leadership and build a dynamic team with their team members.

Each team will be assigned to a coach, who will guide the team throughout the process. The teams will come together for five weeks of 90-minute practice sessions and one challenge session before the culminating competition.

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The five (of ten total) modules Lafayette will be focusing on in the first semester of a team’s participation are a follows:


Set roles
Outline the problem
List multiple strategies
Veer toward consensus
Evaluate results


Likeable personality
Exciting vision
Always thinking about process
Delivers/Defines results
Emotional intelligence
Raises the heat
Shows integrity
Has clear expectations
Intervenes skillfully
Prioritizes relationships


Fully engaged
Opposed and open
Lazy and disengaged (sheep)
Lone Wolf
Opposed and underground
Whatever you say


Share your vision – Authoritative
Teach and Coach – Coaching
Yell, tell and the hard sell – Coercive
Listen and engage others – Democratic
Energize and push – Pacesetting
Simply delegate

Trust matters
Emotions matter
Accountability matters
Member norms matter
Small wins matter