Hometown: Amhara Region , Ethiopia

As a child growing up in Hidi I knew how limited I was due to my circumstance. My village relied on subsistence farming to survive. I lived in a house that was made out of mud and sticks. I wanted more from my life than just a simple village girl life. God has made a way for me to be here despite the suffering, loss, and confusion that came with being sent to a foreign country. Because I am overjoyed with all the resources that are at my fingertips, I want students in Hidi to have the resources that I have here in America. What caught my eye about the Dyers Fellowship program is the social entrepreneurship aspect of it. I aspire to be a social entrepreneur who makes a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate then I am. I plan to utilize all the resources the Dyer Center offers me to elevate my knowledge about developing innovative solutions to complex issues like poverty in my own community. I also plan to continue developing the “Rediate Love” nonprofit that I have already started through Learn Serve International.