We are looking for those who are hungry to turn ideas into action and impact. To brush off failures. To pressure test prototypes and leverage our networks.

DEADLINE  – TUESDAY,  May 31, 2022


A four-year program to develop next-generation innovators.

Designing Your Entrepreneurial Roadmap (D.Y.E.R.) is a paid sequenced and progressive four-year program that begins with the foundational mechanics of innovation and entrepreneurship and culminates with a $4,000 investment in your development.

Backed by the College’s extensive resources in classroom education, the broad range of liberal arts thinking, committed alumni network, and robust experiential learning, D.Y.E.R. launches students toward a life of creativity, innovation, and intelligent risk-taking.

Program stages over four years these key components of entrepreneurship and innovation:

  • Skill Building: design thinking, entrepreneurial finance, data-driven decision making, teamwork, marketing, emotional intelligence, and more!
  • Personal Development/Means Based Inventory: exploring a student’s interests, skills, and life experiences; gaining exposure to peers, entrepreneurs, fields, and leaders; creating an elevator pitch.
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking: understanding systems, creativity, innovation, managing failure, history, theory, research, motivation, and psychology.
  • Hands-on Ventures: mentorships, startups, contests.
  • Network Building: alumni connections, industry networks, peer connections.

FAQ - Become a Dyer Fellow 

When is the deadline for applications?
Check the Dyer Center website for the latest information. 

Can I use my college admission material for the fellowship application?
Yes!  Dyer Center staff do not access your full applications, so feel free to use that material if it helps your Dyer Fellow application shine!. 

What happens after my written application is submitted?
Dyer staff will schedule the next steps of the selection process, including a fun interview. 

When will I know if I get accepted into the fellowship?
You will know by April 28. 

Is this a separate program, distinct from the Major I chose while applying to Lafayette?
Yes, Dyer Fellows will be diverse intellectually with majors in social sciences, economics, engineering, liberal arts and independent majors.  Dyer Fellows will work on projects and ideas in and out of formal classroom settings.   

Do I receive any qualifications after finishing this program?
Fellows will receive no additional academic credit, but financial benefits along with resume-building opportunities and potentially life-altering experiences will be offered.

How will Covid-19 affect the fellowship program?
Lafayette College plans a full in-person setting for the Fall 2021 semester, and Dyer staff will work with the college’s safety guidelines to operate in a safe manner. 

What will happen when I graduate from the Fellowship?
When you graduate from the fellowship, you will be leaving Lafayette having left your mark both on the college campus and Easton. You will have a cohort of like-minded individuals and life-long mentors who support and challenge you in your future endeavors. 

Should I apply?
All interested students should apply, since we seek a broadly diverse group of entrepreneurs.

Who will serve as fellow mentors?
Recent graduates, community and corporate leaders, faculty and staff look forward to supporting your personal and professional aspirations.