The following resources will help you to explore your options as an entrepreneur plan what is needed to be the best innovator and problem solver, build on an idea that could solve a problem or improve the quality of everyday life and grow to create something that is impactful, influential and inspiring.

Useful Tools

Business Canvas

This tool is extremely useful because it gives you a visual way to hash out ideas.  It is important that people understand and want the solution provided, how impactful it will be and how to execute the solution.  This tool is also good when looking to make changes or iterations to a business idea.

Creativity Techniques

This is a tool loved by many because it literally helps with coming up with ideas. They may seem silly at first, but it builds your confidence in your ability to come up with ideas. They are not always feasible but these techniques really get you to start thinking about the world very differently.  Why do we put up with some things and see them as normal?  This tool with get your wheels turning and you will be surprised with what you come up with. These techniques make you realize that you can come up with some really unique things and apply them to everyday life.

Founders pie

This tool was important because it gives you a sense of what is  important when trying to execute a product idea.  This tool helps you to break up equity in a way that is fair to all parties involved.  If you have a team, creating the idea is not the only reason why you give everyone on a team the same amount of equity.  The hardest part about getting a business off the ground is execution.  It is important that when equity is being divvied up that those that helped with executing the business idea are rewarded for that effort and that the equity amount reflects that.  There is nothing more damaging to a company then work not being shared amongst the team fairly.  It can cause unnecessary conflict and may distract from the ultimate goal of growing and becoming bigger.

Pitch your idea/Pitch Deck

These pitch decks are used by some of the most successful businesses out there. They are clearly doing something right, and one thing to point out is that their decks tell a story that is clear without saying anything.  It is important that pitch decks are not too cluttered with words.  Another thing to stress is that the deck fits on whatever screen you are using it on.  The size is usually 16:9, if not make sure the deck fits on the screen you are using.  It makes you look prepared and it is a cleaner look.

Become a better public speaker

Public speaking comes easily to some but to most it is extremely challenging.  No matter what industry you decide to pursue, speaking to others is a big part of getting the job done.  The best thing to do for yourself is to put yourself in situations where you need to address a crowd.  Whether it is signing up for a class on public speaking or choosing to be the presenter during a conference meeting, it only gets easier the more you do it.  Practice does not always mean perfect, but it definitely makes you better.  Here are some tips to ease the stress of public speaking.

Prototyping tool

Sketch Up

Sketch up is a 3D modeling tool used to design a wide range of drawling projects; such as interior design, engineering, and even game design. It is great to use for prototyping product ideas or even designing ideas.  It is an extremely intuitive tool and there are great tutorials available that will have you designing like a pro.

POP (Prototype on Paper)

POP turns hand-drawn concepts into interactive prototypes. Illustrate the app idea on paper; take pictures of it and add links between the mockups.  This can be used on any platform and will simulate a real app when seeking customer feedback.

Small Business Development (SBA)

The SBA is a government entity created to help entrepreneurs and small business, while guiding these businesses as they start the process of becoming eligible for funding in the form of a loan.  This is a great tool to utilize when trying to figure out where your business will receive the most benefit for starting.  Take a look at the other agencies that help with supporting entrepreneurs.

Business Plan

Writing a business is a great way to put your thoughts on paper and map out what you hope to accomplish with your business idea.  Whether you create a plan to check for feasibility, looking to raise money or understanding you market, a business plan helps you to discover how much materials really cost and how to best allocate any funds you are looking to borrow or win.  There are key steps you should follow so that you have a well fleshed business and marketing strategy.

Click here to download the pdf version of our simple business plan template.
Click here for a simple word business plan template you can download.

Financial Statement

Financial Statements help to show whether or not a business idea is feasible.  You and an investor or VC have to be able to decipher where money is being made, how much it will cost and how resources are being used in the most efficient way.  This document contains financial projections based on the research you did on the market you are trying to contribute to and are subject to change as you become bigger and eventually profitable.  If you need additional information the link is below!

On-Campus Resources and Programs

 Leopard Works

This is a maker-space where students have access to resources that will help them prototype ideas and develop them to be viable businesses.   The resources available there are 3D printers, etc.

Tech Clinic

This is a two semester academic program that allows students to creatively come up with solutions to problems that are impactful to the local and global community.

CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

This organization believes students, regardless of major discipline, can be entrepreneurs and pursue business ventures.  There are 250 colleges and universities around the world in this network and the prime goal is to develop any student that is looking to be an entrepreneur.  We have the opportunity to be part of this movement and contribute to an organization that promotes creativity and innovation.