Dear students, alumni, parents, and friends,

We are excited to welcome students back on campus for the fall semester! While we are still navigating a new norm, the value proposition of the Dyer Center – the development/application of an opportunity recognition mindset, creativity, collaboration, and intelligent risk-taking – remains constant.

We have developed a robust array of personal/professional development opportunities for this semester, and I hope all of you get involved.

We are excited to welcome back alumna Sandra Clavijo ’03 back to teach Building the High-Tech Startup. In addition to learning about entrepreneurship and testing out their ideas, students will have the opportunity to engage with alumni entrepreneurs and innovators and learn firsthand from their ventures and challenges.

We are also facilitating several industry partner projects for student teams to develop workable solutions to real-world problems. We believe that challenging students to confront uncertainty, generate multiple ideas, and test solutions in an iterative fashion will enhance student motivation, more profound learning outcomes, and better professional preparation.

As students have begun to reach out and drop by the center, I’ve been impressed by their passion, intelligence, and commitment. I’m excited to collaborate with all of them and you to build programming to help our students develop the entrepreneurial competencies to compete in an innovation-based economy.

-Yusuf Dahl